The application of the Blockchain in the conservation and valorization of ecosystem services, from Costa Rica to the world.

BIOTA is a revolutionary blockchain-based application developed by Digital Acceleration Partners in partnership with FUNDECOR that is changing the way we view ecosystem services and the value of biodiversity. Designed and developed in Costa Rica, BIOTA is a powerful mechanism that reinvents the conservation paradigm, moving it away from philanthropy and towards a sustainable and attractive business model.

At its core, BIOTA leverages the power of blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent platform for the valuation and exchange of ecosystem services. By creating a marketplace for these services, BIOTA is able to provide incentives for conservation and sustainable land use practices, driving economic growth while protecting and preserving the natural environment.

With its powerful blockchain-based technology and data-driven approach, BIOTA represents a significant step forward in the conservation and valuation of ecosystem services. By incentivizing sustainable land use practices and promoting a more holistic approach to conservation, BIOTA is helping to drive a more sustainable future for Costa Rica and the world.