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What we do?

Today’s megatrends are reshaping the world, creating abundant opportunities and essential threats. Technology, globalization and demographics are the root of the megatrends shaping the world, creating unprecedented disruption across all sectors. 

We partner with businesses to transform and evolve quickly to seize the opportunities and help mitigate the risks that digital transformation creates.

About Us

Digital Acceleration Partners

DAP started working in 2003, using educational software for children in Honduras, part of a national project funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. Since then, DAP has developed and supported a wide variety of companies around the world.

With 3 offices in Central America and with collaborators in more than 10 countries, tend to cover most of the leading edge technologies like AI, Blockchain, IoT, Software Development, Cloud infrastructure and architecture, providing our customers not only a robust portfolio in technologies but also a large experience that will result in a significant acceleration for their businesses. 

We started a journey, one where all our partners received the required advisory to revamp their digital products and services. We feel very proud for being that key partner to our customers and establish strategic strategies with them where we all grow together.




Closing the gap

Analyze the future and define the roadmap.

Digital Core

Orchestrate and accelerate like a market leader.

The innovation corner

Disrupt, find new ways to create value.

Design, test and iterate

Under a Design thinking and Lean Startup define the product and scale-up, all our processes are closely driven under an Agile methodologies as the foundation.

Digital hub

The place where we create and provide specialized services.

Cutting Edge Techonologies

Dap specializes in leading bootstrapping technologies that guarantees a scalable, portable and cost effective solution that is ready to stand out in the digital world.


Social Policy and Green Growth

Our Carbon Footprint

Measurement and reduction of our carbon footprint, all the activities have associated an indicator of CO2 emissions with this our company create activities to compensate and reduce them.

Green Investments

Green investments, DAP invests in a rain-forest reserve in Parrita, Costa Rica, by investing in reforestation, studying and analysis of the existing ecosystems.

Social Contribution

Conducting social investments in rural communities, helping them to rapidly adapt and improve their quality of life and also contributing with knowledge, we participate actively with schools and other organizations providing technical courses and seminars around tech related to their needs.

Join our acceleration program and be part of our financial and non-financial support to your startup.

Are you a start-up and want to scale?, DAP always look forward to invest our expertise in ideas that could change the world.

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Open Source and Proprietary

Open or solely owned

Develop any kind of solutions and applications using existing open source or propietary software. Also, helping on define licensing schemes to protect your software.

Android and iOS

Cross-platform application

Don’t leave your users behind, create an app with full access, no matter the Operating system their devices operate with.

AgTech and GovTech

Social purposed apps

Since 2003, we have contributed to different apps in the Agriculture and Governmental sector, always thinking beyond the technology, about the sustainability.

Saas and DevOps

Agile infrastructure and support

No matter if it’s in the cloud or you have your own infrastructure, our DevOps team is ready to tackle the challenge with the best knowledge in the market.

We are hiring please check the available positions we have open!

Consultants, part-time and full time positions available.