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Under Design thinking and Lean Startup define the product and scale-up, all our processes are closely driven under an agile methodology as the foundation.

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Dap specializes in leading bootstrapping technologies that guarantee a scalable, portable and cost-effective solution that is ready to stand out in the digital world.

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Today’s megatrends are reshaping the world, creating abundant opportunities and essential threats. Technology, globalization, and demographics are the root of the megatrends shaping the world, creating unprecedented disruption across all sectors.

We partner with businesses to transform and evolve quickly to seize the opportunities and help mitigate the risks that digital transformation creates.

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This application was developed for the design of agricultural sustainability plans for small and medium-sized companies, which allows constant monitoring of the actions and evidence of the achievements obtained. It supports organizations to obtain sustainability certificates that allow them to enter other markets.

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Open Source And Proprietary

Develop any kind of solutions and applications using existing open source or proprietary software. Also, helping to define licensing schemes to protect your software.

Android And IOS

Don’t leave your users behind, create an app with full access, no matter the Operating system their devices operate with.

AGTech And GovTech

Since 2003, we have contributed to different apps in the Agriculture and Governmental sector, always thinking beyond technology, about sustainability.

Saas And DevOps

No matter if it’s in the cloud or you have your own infrastructure, our DevOps team is ready to tackle the challenge with the best knowledge in the market.

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


Responsive, innovative, creative company that leaves a mark in its wake not only with the results of its work but with the warmth and commitment of its people.

Natalia Arce, KFW-ACICAFOC Coordinator

“Pleasure to work”

It was just a pleasure to work with DAP, the solution delivered exceeded our expectations…

Juan Ramirez, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

“Bigger picture!”

Beyond the design itself, DAP had an excellent understanding of the context and the actors involved, key factors to design properly ensuring that the solutions fit well in the “bigger picture”…

Julio Montes de Oca, Climate Change Specialist, IUCN


The ability to communicate in a different culture conducted our process to create a mobile app that successfully got traction from the Philippine government

E. Lorenzo, USAID

Some of our solutions

Cosecha H2O2023-03-07T21:41:45+00:00
Climate Diagnostic Platform for Financial Institutions2023-03-07T21:33:32+00:00
IBI Worldwide2022-12-06T18:48:38+00:00
COFFEE CLOUD2023-03-07T21:13:33+00:00
CLIMA PESCA2022-12-06T18:45:49+00:00
CVTAS (SICA)2022-12-06T18:40:50+00:00
PERGAMINO (IICA)2022-12-06T18:38:45+00:00
BPApp (GIZ)2023-03-07T21:17:15+00:00

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