Part of the work we perform is to assess companies and organizations to accelerate their strategies facing the vertiginous transformation enabled by the existing technologies, ACICAFOC is a farmers and indigenous regional organization that tries to contribute to the development of these communities. Keywords: Digital Assessment, Digital Literacy, Strategy. Date: June 23, 2021



Since 2014 we established an alliance with MeteoTech, a meteorological informatics company, and since then together had developed multiple platforms and advisories for various LatinAmerican Countries. Keywords: Climate Change, Insurance, Adaptation. Date: June 23, 2021



Climate Change is a huge problem to tackle but a great opportunity for digital development. We helped CRRH to create the first Severe Meteorological Virtual Center to monitor and alert weather impacts in the region. Keywords: Web development, Climate Modelling, Sustainability Model Date: June 23, 2021



As part of the Regional Program (PROCAGICA), DAP implemented PERGAMINO, a multi-factorial data analysis platform for the Centralamerican countries and Dominican Republic, integrating different data sources and climatic models.  Keywords: RStudio, RShiny, Mobile development, Web Development. Date: June 23, 2021



DAP Develops a Sustainability Assessment Platform for Pineapple and Banana organizations in Costa Rica and Dominican Republic, using the Biodiversity Check Agricola as the technical foundation for the product. Keywords: PWA, Data Collection, PowerBI. Client:The Clean Coffee Company Date: September 14, 2015

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